Art: "L.M.C2021" by Future Focus Photography

Poetry: "ABU DHABI" by Kyle Seamus Brosnihan




wake up shivering twelve  

hour flight no movies no  

blanket warm meal plastic  

disembark map head straight  

to lounge write doodle journal  

jasper jeff julie and julie drove to  

ninoy aquino kissed goodbye  

paalam phone dies  

charge admire men  

white abaya sonnets  

to orpheus ahead  

of all departure  

skeletal terminal arches 
fly up uphold a dome 
chew mcdonalds with view  

tarmac night how many of  

theses places in space were once  

in me dawn sketches sea  

clouds desert turkey  

moldova ukraine descend blizzard  

warsaw hours in dark snow  

rattling time for fuel darkness  

spotlights blot out windows  

take off three hours late land 
in stockholm missed flight no  

insurance buy another two hundred  

euro exchange last pesos think 
in a booth in spite of fate  

abundances plunge by 
one last dry heave flight  

shiver wake tremble in a 
place i’ve been before  



Published June 4th 2022

Kyle Seamus Brosnihan is a Filipino-American poet, playwright, and currently an MFA candidate in Poetry at Brooklyn College. He is the Arts Editor for the Brooklyn Review. His poetry has been published in Hobart, The Mantle, Ariel Chart, Interpret Magazine, Always Crashing, Boston Accent Lit, and elsewhere. His poem ‘Martha’ was voted Poem of the Year by the Brooklyn Poets in 2020. His first full-length play, ‘The Performance,’ premiered off-Broadway in March of 2020. His work was longlisted for Frontier Poetry’s 2021 Award for New Writers.

Future Focus Photography is an imaginative and experimental Sci-Fi digital art/ fine art by using the powers of brain force by replacing humans with robots in every day life. I’m a Tulsa, Oklahoma based photographer who is obessed with robots and wanted to show the planet what creative art is all about. I’m on Instagram under Future Focus Photography as well as Facebook.