Art: "Climate Change 101" by Sharon Matusiak.

Poetry: "Meditation Under Chestnut Tree" by Margaret Kaplan.

When the world is newborn,                     

every hour is the most important

hour of your life.


I wept like a man weeps

at the actual end.


Leaves were crisp and temporary

like dollar bills

beneath my dress.


I was going to build the world

but this time not of shame. 


Something grand or

minuscule as ovum;


or I would tie a cord tight, as tight

as I could,


around my waist

until it was a racetrack.



no one asked me,

                        what will you become?


Everything eroding always.

Everything assailable. 


Somewhere bright sun groped

rows of linen cover-ups.


Hot melt. Glass plates formed

at the bottom of the trench


out of near-human resilience.



I begged: remain

the scalding, stubborn fluid.