Art: "Non-Place" by Yuchen Zhang

Poetry: "In a world with centaurs, physics is the least of my concerns " by Andreea Ceplinschi

because at the march of hoofbeats fundamental forces no longer number four: fear becomes the only force that can be taught and while Apollo doesn’t concern himself with the how’s of his domain, is he even aware river nymphs tremble at the velocity of a half-beast?                                         


In a world with centaurs the only energy that matters, the only energy transferred is the power of those who have it into the powerless.




*ekphrastic piece in response to the “how would centaurs wear pants” meme


Published May 16th 2024

Andreea Ceplinschi is a Romanian immigrant writer, waitress, and kitchen troll living and working at the tip of Cape Cod. She writes poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Her work has been featured in Solstice Literary Magazine, Cathexis Northwest Press, Hare’s Paw Literary Journal, The Blood Pudding, and elsewhere. When not writing for herself, she acts as the poetry editor for Passengers Journal.

Ariel Zhang (b.1997 China) is an interdisciplinary artist who explores the intersection of interior and exterior space, order and chaos, and the seen and unseen. Her creative practice spans across painting, installation, sculpture, and video, as she navigates between different mediums. Zhang’s works draw from her experiences of dislocation in the urban landscape, capturing the interplay of memories and the world’s ordered complexity. She studied German and Economics in Shanghai International Studies University and is now a BFA student at the School of the Art Institute Chicago. Her works have been exhibited in Shenzhen, China, Chicago, IL, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Saint Louis, Missouri, and Annapolis, MD.