Art: "Coldstone" by Ariel Courage

Poetry: "Dusk" by Nathaniel Grayson

facing down the bitter road 

long and dark evenings 

illuminated plastic stringed lights 

on barbed wire fences 

stretch out toward a bookshelf 

of purples yellows reds 

hybrid—an artist’s canvas 

late evening fields 

turning the grass  

into blackened carpets 

stained a dull brown 

the trees recline 

psst psst psst  

psst psst psst 

the kyrie of crickets  

begin to sing 

to cry 

yeow yeow yeow 

the pussens 

their caterwauling 

passed out in the alleys 

then still 

the wind blows 

a lonely giant 

in crowded fields cry out 

cold dead horizons 

carry a heavy burden. 

the bane of don quixote 

whilst cursing the wind 

smelling of rusted metal 

at night the stars illuminate 

piercing the abysmal darkness 

and the children return home 


Published May 8th 2022

Nathaniel Grayson is a graduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi, pursuing an MA in Fiction. He is a current poetry editor for Product magazine and a reader for the Mississippi Review. His poem, “Some Distant Island,” will be published in the April edition of The Dewdrop.