Art: "The Bicycle Collector" by Rich Spang

Poetry: "contract" by Josh Anthony

we spend all day in

July measuring out the dry wall


the strange reverse way we cut

to account for sockets and anomalies


he shows me how to mud and

sand which makes me ache


and—almost finished—he realizes we

forgot the insulation in a small


corner and unhinges the way

grown men do with loud


voices and a smallness but

me i’m slight and can fit


my body between the walls

and find a way to place


the protection even in that

dark and closed space


Published August 3rd 2023

Nathaniel Grayson is a graduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi, pursuing an MA in Fiction. He is a current poetry editor for Product magazine and a reader for the Mississippi Review. His poem, “Some Distant Island,” will be published in the April edition of The Dewdrop.

Rich Spang is a retired electronics technician who began his photography with a Brownie camera, then an Instamatic, a series of 35mm cameras and now shoots digital as well as from his collection of film cameras. When not at home editing Rich can be found on the street, in the fog or in the wetlands capturing what he sees. Rich’s work has been in 1889 Magazine, Reservoir Road Literary Review, Burning Word Literary Journal, Light Space and Time Gallery, Beaver Magazine, Wild Roof Journal. Instagram: @spangrich.